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Archaeology in the Po Delta

To the discovery of Archaeology

The Agriturismo Forzello lies in a particular historical contest, in facts, many archaeological excavations have pointed out a roman settlement inside the area and remains of the antique roman road "Via Popilia" joining Rimini to other towns, such as Adria.

The small centre of San Basilio offers the millenarian Romanic Parish and the Polyvalent Room, where many cultural activities are organised every day. To give a touch of culture to your holiday, you can visit the town of Adria, famous for its archaeological remains.

Inside the Museum of Adria you can find the renomated collection Bocchi, an ensemble of archaeological finds collected by the members of this family during the XVIIIth and XIXth century. At the beginning of the XXth century the collection was bought by the town of Adria to create the Civic Museum. During the century many archaeological excavations in the town of Adria and nearby have discovered many new finds, so that the town had to change twice the seat of the Museum to contain all the new objects.

Today the Museum, after being transformed in 1971 in a State Museum, lies in a very large building inaugurated in 1961.It has been the object of several interventions of restoration and enlargement starting from 2002 and today the Museum is completely renewed with numerous artifacts found in San Basilio. Its mission is the illustration of the extraordinary antique history of Adria, a harbour town risen in the VIth century a.C. along the river Po, such an important town to give the name to the Adriatic sea. The Museum represents the heart of every activity of archaeological research in the town of Adria and all the Basso Polesine.